Forms of Window Tinting Films You Should Consider

Forms of Window Tinting Films You Should Consider

24 April 2020
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Window tint films are an affordable, attractive and easy way to improve the privacy of your home, office or car and reduce the sun's glare. This aids in keeping the heat out to reduce the air conditioning expenses in the summer and heating costs in winter. Moreover, your furniture and other interior items will also be protected from dangerous UV rays.

However, before you can start your home, office or car window tinting project, it is essential to know the primary forms of films. The films come in different forms and vary in effectiveness, material and cost. So how do you pick the ideal window tint film? This post will outline some main types of window films you should know.

Dyed tint film

This is one of the common window tinting films that's known for its affordability. Although the film is relatively inexpensive, it comes with multiple dye layers that enable it to block the UV rays from the sun. This dye absorbs the sun rays and prevents part of the heat from entering the house or vehicle. But, it is essential to note that dyed films are mainly used for appearance and not to offer quality protection from the sun like their counterparts. The dye often fades fast, meaning you may need to invest more money sooner than expected to replace the faded film.

Carbon tint film

This kind of window tint film is one of the best options you can consider today. It comes with an outstanding matte-finish that's designed to make it extremely attractive. The film doesn't have metal in it, meaning you will not have to worry about radio transmission and cell phones while using it. What's more, the carbon content in the film is capable of blocking approximately 50% of the infrared light that enters via the windows to cause warmth. Therefore, your vehicle, home or office will always be cool, so you will spend less to cool in summer and heat during the cold months. The upholstery won't fade as well since the film is durable, unlike dyed tint film.

Ceramic tint film

Homeowners and vehicle owners who are searching for a top-notch window film should consider ceramic film. It comes with ceramic particles that are non-conductive in nature. Its performance is way better than the carbon and dye films, so you are assured of getting value since it can resist fading. The good news is that the film will block the solar heat without blocking your visibility or signals. Its ability to block UV rays is also remarkable, so your home or vehicle interiors will be protected adequately.

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