4 Excellent Ideas for Incorporating Stained Glass Windows in Your Home Renovation

4 Excellent Ideas for Incorporating Stained Glass Windows in Your Home Renovation

12 October 2020
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The use and application of stained glass have been in existence for centuries. That's why most homeowners have old-world connotations concerning the use of stained glass windows. If you are after a classical appeal, then such windows would be practical. Nevertheless, there are other modern styles to choose from, including pearling, clear or opalescence glass. 

If you have an upcoming home renovation project, consider stained glass to update your windows. Here are four excellent ideas of how you can achieve that:

Apply on the Main Bathroom Windows

You can attain a certain degree of opacity when you go for stained glass for your window. Such opacity level is perfect for the main bathroom's window. Stained glass allows you to have any window size for your bathroom in any preferred location.

Locating your stained glass window near a soaking tub is often an excellent idea to allow for more light while relaxing. Generally, such windows are classically etched to give them a traditional beauty touch. However, you can go for any style that will complement your interior bathroom décor as well. 

Use on Shower Enclosure Windows

You can also apply stained glass on shower enclosure windows. Ideally, consider installing the windows in a clerestory style, up the walls. As such, privacy issue becomes less of your concern while still allowing you to pick an ideal transparency level. Furthermore, such windows work excellently with glass enclosure showers for enhanced beauty due to their coloured light. 

Use on Interior Transform Windows

Transform windows or otherwise known as transform lights are also ideal for the indoors. They are usually long, shallow windows on the upper sections of interior doors, especially in traditional homes to allow in more light. Consider replacing the clear glass with a stained type to enhance the colour and beauty of the interior décor. Since any style will work flawlessly for such an installation, get creative and try different designs.

Consider Window Wall Installations

You won't miss finding stunning window walls on most conventional houses. With this type of configuration, you can bring more sunlight into your home. You can install them on a single, flat wall, window bump out or even a particular window corner. 

If you have a stunning view, using clear glass for your window walls is preferred. However, if you have a non-panoramic backyard view, incorporate stained glass in the mix. You may also consider installing transform lights to your stained glass. Just imagine a massive wall installation filled with multiple stained glass panes!

In conclusion, stained glass windows work well when you want to achieve a certain privacy level. However, beauty and colour addition are the main advantages of using these windows. Use them during your home renovation project as additions or replacements and enjoy the benefits. 

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