Reasons to Install Double-Glazed Windows

Reasons to Install Double-Glazed Windows

16 May 2023
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A great way to upgrade your house is to install double-glazed units on the windows. Here are some reasons to go ahead with this sort of efficiency improvement.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Enjoying a feeling of comfort when you're at home is a crucial thing to consider when planning remodels and upgrades. It's important to be able to wind down and relax at home. Double-glazed windows can help create a peaceful oasis where you can do this.

The two-pane construction stops heat from transferring through the window in either direction. Thus, the windows will help preserve the heat in the winter and keep it out in the summer. Double glazing can help reduce heat transfer by up to 30% compared to a single-pane window with an aluminium frame.

Not only will your house be at a more comfortable temperature, but it will also be quieter as double-glazed units block noise. If you live on a busy road, the windows will help dampen the hectic traffic, allowing you to feel removed from the disturbance. You can also zone out noisy neighbours and barking dogs with new windows.

You should ask an expert about the best model to suit your needs. A wider space between the glass panes can block more noise, but this can make the unit less effective at stopping heat, so you will need to strike the right balance.

Save Money

You may think there's not much you can do if you spend copious amounts on heating and cooling. However, fitting double-glazed windows will make your home more efficient, so you can spend less on energy. You won't need air conditioning and heating as much.

Spending a lot of money on electricity is not only bad for your wallet, but it also harms the environment. Unless you use solar power, the electricity you consume will likely release glasshouse gases.

Additionally, you only pay once to install a double-glazed window, which will last for many years. Paying for electricity is ongoing. Plus, it's unpredictable, as energy prices are out of your control and affected by many factors.

Improve Your Home's Value

The energy efficiency rating of a house is an important consideration nowadays. All parts of a building contribute to its overall efficiency, including the windows. Double-glazed units can help give your house achieve a six-star rating or higher. If you plan to sell, its efficiency is even more crucial, as it's something many buyers will focus on. 

For more info about double-glazed windows, contact a local company. 

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