How Security Screens Can Help When Fire or Storms Strike

How Security Screens Can Help When Fire or Storms Strike

29 April 2020
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Covering the windows and doors of your home with security screens is an effective way to secure your home against intruders. With security screens protecting the openings to your home, you can leave your home and not have to worry that someone might easily break-in while you are out.

But what about non-living risks, like fire and storms? How can security screens protect you and your family from these kinds of risks?

Security Screens Can Stop Projectiles

Some of the most severe storms in the world rage throughout Australia each year. And in the most severe of these storms, known as tropical cyclones, wind speeds can reach as high as 360km per hour! A projectile launched at that speed will make short work of a glass window, double glazed or not.

But if you live in a storm-prone area, security screens can protect you and your windows from flying projectiles in bad weather. Constructed of stainless-steel mesh, which is extremely strong, security screens will protect those inside your home from objects picked up by strong winds. If you have children at home, security screens on their bedroom windows will ensure their safety.

Security Screens Provide Fire Protection

If you choose your security screen provider well, your security screens will meet all the safety criteria for bush fires according to Australian regulations. This level of safety will stop the heat from bushfires raging nearby penetrating your home. Moreover, these screens should be fireproof to prevent fire from entering your home via your windows and doors.

Insect screens might look good, but they provide little protection against bushfires, and may even be flammable. If you live in an area known for bushfires, cover your windows and doors with security screens to protect your home's occupants from fires raging outside.

Security Screens Are Easily Opened

What happens if you have an emergency that requires you to exit your home in a hurry, such as a fire? If you go with bars or shutters, you might not be able to escape your home in time to avoid disaster. Window bars might even block your escape. But the same is not true for security screens.

A good security screen is openable from the inside. This means that in the event of a fire, you can use your windows to escape if the fire is blocking your other escape routes. But you also need to ensure that your children understand the importance of not opening your security screens unless there is an emergency.

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