Install Venetian Blinds by Following These Steps

Install Venetian Blinds by Following These Steps

29 April 2020
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There are several benefits to installing window blinds. First, the blinds give you complete control of the lighting penetrating the living space. You can tilt the slats up, down or sideways to brighten up the room or retract them to darken things up a little. Secondly, blinds are essential for regulating the energy consumption in your home. Creating a shade over your windows minimises any unwanted exchange of heat or cold, which reduces the need for artificial air conditioning methods.

Specifically, Venetian blinds are an excellent addition for any home. They comprise pivoted horizontal slats for controlling visibility, light and other functionalities. Here is a guide you can use for installing Venetian blinds in your home:

Installation Technique

The first step is deciding the installation methods that you want to use for installing your blinds. You have two options in this case. The first one is to install the Venetian blind inside the frames of the window. The second option is to have them sit above or outside the window frame. The second option works best for people with narrow window frames, especially for a do-it-yourself project.

Take Measurements

Your second step is to take measurements of the installation area that you would cover with the blinds. If you want to do the installation inside the frame, measuring the size of the window opening will be precise enough. However, you will have to mark points outside the window casing and measure in line with your marks. This will depend on the area that you covered by the Venetian blinds.

Armed with your measurements, you can now proceed to buy the blinds and other installation materials from a store near you.

Install the Mounting Brackets

Hold the mounting bracket against the wall and mark the screw holes using a pencil. Move to the other side and repeat the procedure, making sure that the markings lie on a straight line. Follow up by drilling screw holes using a drill bit that has a smaller circumference compared to the screws on the mounting brackets. Install the brackets by fastening with an appropriate screwdriver.

Install the Blinds

Hold the top rail of the blinds and shove them into the mounting brackets. Here, you need to make sure that the top rail sits deep inside the holding pockets, secured firmly. Lock the clip doors fitted on the mounting brackets to keep the blinds from falling off when you operate them. Finish the process by attaching the covers on mounting brackets to conceal the mounting clips.  

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