3 Reasons to Use Metallic Car Window Tints

3 Reasons to Use Metallic Car Window Tints

6 May 2020
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Adding window tints to your car has a few benefits. These tints help weatherproof a vehicle from the sun; they also look pretty cool.

If you've decided to tint your windows, then you have to choose a material. While you can go for dyed or ceramic products, metallic tints are also popular. These products are made from a film that has a coating of metal particles on top of it.

Why choose a metallic material?

1. Better Light Management

Some car tints absorb light to prevent it from coming into your car. This reduces the fading effects of the sun. It also helps keep the inside of your car cool and reduces glare.

While all tints can have these effects, metallic tints have an advantage over standard window shields. The metal particles on these films don't absorb sunlight or hold it back; they actually deflect it. Metal reflects light away from itself.

You may find that a metallic tint reduces the glare coming in through your windows more effectively. If you reduce glare, you drive more safely and your passengers will be more comfortable. You'll also find that your car is cooler inside and that any UV sun-fading problems you have will stop.

2. Less Fading

If you invest in window tints, you want the films to stay in place and to look good for as long as possible. While these tints are easy to replace, you want to get as much value for your money as possible.

Some tints don't last all that well if they are exposed to a lot of sunlight. For example, dyed tints may start to fade over time due to the effects of UV rays.

They may protect the interior of the vehicle, but they pay a price themselves. Eventually, if they fade too much, they won't work as well as they did initially.

UV rays don't affect metallic window tints in the same way. The tints won't fade in the sun, and they retain their core strength. They work for longer and stay looking good.

3. Less Damage

Window tint films are robust, but this doesn't mean that they can't be damaged. If something sharp or hard hits the film, then it could scratch it or leave a hole.

Once this happens, the tint can't give you complete coverage. It may make your car look scruffy.

This is less of an issue with metallic products. Their metal particles make films stronger and less prone to damage like scratches.

For more information on tints, contact automotive window tinting professionals.

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