Why Should You Install a Pocket Patio Sliding Door?

Why Should You Install a Pocket Patio Sliding Door?

7 May 2020
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If you're installing a set of patio doors to open up the area between your home and your outside garden space, then you need to choose a suitable door design. You have various options here, from standard hinged doors to folding or sliding alternatives.

If you like the idea of sliding doors, then one design that is worth a look is a pocket door. How do these doors work and what are the advantages of using them?

How Do Pocket Sliding Doors Work?

Pocket doors work like any other sliding door. They don't have hinges but slide backwards and forwards along a track as they open or close. However, these doors get their name from the way they work when you open them. This kind of door slides along into a concealed cavity in the wall at its side as it opens. The cavity — or pocket — that the door goes into is big enough to conceal the whole door. When the door is fully open, it sits completely out of sight in this space behind the wall. .

Why Should You Install a Pocket Sliding Door?

Some people like pocket sliding doors because they disappear from sight when they are open. This gives you a completely unimpeded view outside, as there is no door to get in the way. You can even use this solution to recess multiple sliding or folding doors if you have space to build the cavity pocket.

If you want a modern and sleek design for your doors, then this is a good option. When your door is open and hidden away, it may as well not be there. You can open up your home completely until you close the door again.

As well as design and aesthetic benefits, pocket sliding doors have some practical advantages that you might find useful. For example, if you're short on space inside your home, then this kind of door takes up less room than a hinged door. You can even set up the cavity pocket on the outside of the wall so you don't lose any room inside.

Plus. you won't have to worry about the door getting in your way or staying open when you need it to. The door is hidden away so nobody will accidentally walk or run into it; the wind won't be able to blow it shut when you want it open.

To see some examples of pocket sliding doors and to get some ideas of how they might work in your home, ask sliding doors suppliers for advice.

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