How To Ensure You Get A Quality Sliding Door

How To Ensure You Get A Quality Sliding Door

20 May 2020
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There is perhaps no more annoying type of door to use than a poorly constructed sliding door. When your sliding door hardware is not up to scratch, its motion will be very jerky, it will make a lot of noise and it will constantly be jamming. If you are going to use a unique opening and closing door system, then you need to take extra precautions to ensure that all the components are quality as if you simply buy based on the price you will be in for a rude shock. Here are three vital aspects of sliding door hardware that you need to get right!

Locking Mechanism

If your sliding door is based on an external wall and is, therefore, one of the entryways into your home, then you need to spend particular attention to the lock. Often the inbuilt locking system is quite weak due to how shallow the actual bolt is, but there is a simple way to enhance this: a deadbolt. Unlike traditional doors, this deadbolt has to be vertical and either placed at the top or bottom of the door. It will give you that added sense of security and both locking systems benefit from each others' presence.

Track System

When installing your track system, the number-one thing you want to look for is quality metals and alloys from a trusted sliding door hardware supply. The track is the most important thing for your sliding door's smooth ride, and without a good one, life could become very uncomfortable. This is the part of your sliding door where you want to spend money, not save it. Test out a lot of different systems in-store and never buy or order one without seeing it in person. Track systems might all look the same, but there is a vast difference between one made of quality metal with precision manufacturing and those made with a low cost being the primary focus. 

Weight And Material

One aspect of sliding door hardware that is not often discussed is the weight of the material in the main portion of the door. Sliding doors have to be light enough to glide over the tracks and strong enough to not bend or warp due to heavy winds or pressure. Go for something too heavy, such as wood or metal, and the sliding door will jam frequently. Go for something too light, such as engineered wood or cheap alloys, and the door will bend at the slightest pressure. This is why strengthened glass is the primary material found in sliding doors and, unless you have specific reasons why it cannot be used for your particular home, the only type of sliding door you should look at.

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