Essential Considerations When Restoring Leadlight Doors

Essential Considerations When Restoring Leadlight Doors

9 June 2020
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Leadlight doors are a beautiful addition to any building. Homeowners can acquire new leadlight doors or purchase an antique based on taste and preference. Despite their beauty, leadlight doors deteriorate with time. What happens when one cannot enjoy the beauty that comes with leadlight doors? Unfortunately, many people are not aware of what to do to restore leadlight doors. Here are a few tips to consider during leadlight door restoration.


Most window repairs, whether involving standard or antique panes, are undertaken by professionals with leadlight doors being no different. In an attempt to save costs, some people engage in DIY efforts; however, this is not recommended, especially when restoring leadlights. For the best results, you should consider hiring an expert to implement a restoration project. Experts know the materials and requirements needed to restore damaged windows to their former glory. It is particularly essential if your cames are made of lead, which is known to release toxic substances into the atmosphere when scrapped by a non-professional. Besides, professionals can advise if leadlight doors need restoration or total replacements.


Although leadlight restoration is mostly done by a professional, a homeowner must be present to ensure the desired outcome is achieved. Property owners can provide suggestions, which can be infused into the final product. The first step in leadlight restoration entails sourcing glass in the required form, texture and colour. In this regard, cames should be prioritised since they influence the overall design of a leadlight door. Notably, failure to harmonise the materials affects the feel, texture and shade of leadlight doors.


After restoration, it is essential to ensure that leadlight doors are properly maintained. Remember that leadlight doors are one of the first things that visitors see when they call on you. Therefore, restoration must be visually appealing. Early detection of flaws is critical to enhancing the shelf life of leadlight doors. Therefore, regular physical check-up on components like solder, cames, putty, and chipped windows should be undertaken to reduce damage. For instance, when rattled, loose cames are bound to vibrate, which is an indication that restoration is needed. Besides, routine cleaning is essential to prevent deterioration of leadlight doors. However, you need to use an appropriate kit to avoid injuries while cleaning windows. Most importantly, maintaining leadlight doors to the original condition is a fairly straightforward task when the above requirements are observed fully.

For more information, contact a leadlight door restoration service.

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