Why Double-Glazed Windows Should Be Installed Professionally

Why Double-Glazed Windows Should Be Installed Professionally

19 August 2020
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Although some expert DIY enthusiasts will fit their own windows, it is often a problematic job that is best left to professional installers. Most double-glazing manufacturers will provide a team of window installers when you purchase their products. Although you may think it is cheaper to simply buy your new fenestration units without the window installation service that comes with them, the results can be less than appealing. Certainly, you may end up with ill-fitting windows that allow heat to escape. What are the main benefits of having a professional fitting instead?

Window Warranties

Most double-glazing window manufacturing firms supply their products with a lengthy guarantee period that will cover you for any defects that turn up in either the glazing or the frame of your units over the next few years at least. Sometimes the warranty period can be as much as a decade or more. However, without a professional window installation, your warranty is likely to be worthless. The window manufacturer will be able to say that any defects that might crop up occurred due to the fitting and not when they were manufactured.

Perfect Fitting

Although windows are made-to-measure these days, they do not always fit perfectly when they are first installed. There may be some unevenness to your wall that needs to be addressed to achieve a perfect fit. There again, you might have windows that are slightly too small for the aperture they are supposed to fill, so a little extra work might be needed to fill in the gaps at the sides. Whatever the problem might be, an expert window installation service will address all of the issues to ensure rain does not get in through any holes left around the frame and to make sure that the thermal insulation you will expect of your double-glazing will be up to the correct standard. Remember that heat loss occurs around the frames of windows, not just through the panes.

Moving and Handling

Picking up large windows is not easy when there are two panes of glass to consider. Just getting a window into position can put considerable strain on your back and forearms. Even if you are physically fit, carrying a double-glazed window up a ladder to fit it on the first floor will be extremely tricky. A gust of wind could push the window around and your glazing may be cracked before you know it. Avoid all of these problems and their associated costs by always opting for professional window installation.

To learn more about window installation, reach out to a local window company. 

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