Two tips to follow when buying roller blinds for the first time

Two tips to follow when buying roller blinds for the first time

1 February 2021
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If you're purchasing roller blinds for the first time, you might find these pointers helpful.

Consider whether you want the roller blinds' backing to match their front

It's worth considering whether you need roller blinds that have a backing that is the same print and colour as their front. Less expensive blinds may have a plain white backing, whilst the two sides of expensive blinds usually match. If the window where you'll be putting the blind faces, for example, if no-one passes by that window very often, then there is no need to splash out on one with a matching back, as no-one will see it. Conversely, if the window faces the out onto a street or out onto your back garden where you spend lots of time, then you might appreciate being able to see the blind's beautiful colour and print from the outside, too.

If, however you're buying a sheer or semi-sheer roller blind, with the intention of adding your own blackout backing to it at some point, then it might not be worth splurging on one with matching sides, as the back of it will eventually be covered with the blackout material.

Get a contractor to put up the blinds

If you can afford it, you should get a contractor to put up your new roller blinds. Whilst the brackets are easy to fit, in the sense that you just need to screw them into the recess, positioning them so that they are in corresponding spots on either side of the recess is hard and requires some skill.

If for example, you fit the brackets incorrectly, in a way that leaves blind's roller tube nearer to the window on one side than it is on the other, the roller blind will not be perpendicular to the bottom of the window's recess when it's rolled down and instead will fall at an angle; this would look terrible and also allow more light in on one side when it's unrolled. Likewise, if the brackets are placed too close to the top of the recess, the rolled-up blind may brush against this 'ceiling' each time you unroll and after a while, this action might abrade the fabric. As such, it's best to get a professional to put up the blinds so that they'll hang perfectly and last a long time.

Reach out to a local professional to pick roller blinds for your property. 

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