Should You Install Double Glazed Windows?

Should You Install Double Glazed Windows?

15 October 2021
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Double glazed windows weren't introduced into Australia until the 1990s as a way to insulate houses. Unlike Europe and North America, Australia does not experience cold winters. The major cities rarely experience snow, but they could use protection against heat loss during winter; thus, saving on heating bills. In addition, installing double glazed windows in your home will help reduce UV light that typically causes fading of carpets and furnishings.

Other benefits include the following.

Acoustic Insulation

Sound protection is now considered an important design element of new homes, especially if you live in high-density neighbourhoods or near main roads. The walls, roofing, doors and windows protect you from unwanted noise. 

In most cases, the doors and windows are often the weak links, but you can change that by installing double glazed windows. These windows have spaces between the glass panes which will help insulate your home from external noise. The air gap tends to absorb more sounds compared to single glazed windows. 

Home Security 

Many burglars gain entry into homes by breaking the windows or doors. A single pane window is easy to shatter; however, double glazed windows are much harder. Instead of one pane, the burglar has to break two panes which seems easy, but there is a gas between the window panes. The gas becomes a shock absorber, thus making it even harder to break through the glass.  

However, even with double glazing, windows are still an easy access point. The frame is a weak point as it deteriorates over time. Ask your supplier if they have double glazed windows with built-in security features, which are referred to as secured by design scheme. Another alternative is a window with uPVC framing. 

Easy Maintenance 

If you look out the window, especially when your home is hotter than the air outside, you will see moisture on your window panes. However, double glazed window panes will help avoid condensation since the temperature inside the house is closer to that of your interior window pane. 

Condensation can lead to mould, mildew and water damage. Reducing condensation will help minimize the cost of repairs. Clean your windows regularly to reduce dust build-up and reduce maintenance costs. 

Yes, double glazing is costlier, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. You are getting better security, energy efficiency and a quieter home. Also, double glazing adds value to your home. 

Contact a local window supplier to learn more about double glazed windows.

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