Choosing the Right Glass for Your Wet Room

Choosing the Right Glass for Your Wet Room

22 February 2022
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When you're refitting your bathroom, a wet room is usually a highly desirable feature. One element of your wet room that may take a lot of consideration is the glass. From the way you style it through to the positioning, each factor can make or break the area you shower in. Here's what you may need to consider. 

Glass Styling

A lot of wet room shower screens benefit from tempered glass. As a form of safety glass, it doesn't crack easily under fluctuating temperatures. While it has a safety role, that doesn't mean you can't try different types of styling to make your wet room distinctive. If you're taking a contemporary approach, consider plain glass with clean edges. Or, if you'd like to follow a Baroque or Victorian trend, try a panelled glass style. When considering your glass styling, factor in whether that style is likely to remain popular in years to come. Overly outlandish trends may fade with different types of fashion.


The glass you choose for your shower screen panels has the power to provide you with privacy too. You may prefer this if you're living in a household with more than one occupant but only one bathroom. A wet room screen with heavy frosting will allow you to shower comfortably even when there are other people in the room. If you'd like to see your bathroom while showering, consider adding frosting that only covers your torso or certain parts of the screen.

Access Gap

Your wet room is likely to benefit from a small access gap. This gap should fall between the screen and the wall or the main screen and its side screen. Adding a sufficiently wide access gap will make it easy for most household members to get in and out of the wet room. However, if you have people in your house who require assistance when showering, you should look into making the gap wider. 

Panel Opening

How you want your access point panel to open can affect the type of shower screen you choose. If your bathroom has limited space, you may want a panel that slides. By choosing a sliding panel, you can fit other features into your bathroom a little easier. Otherwise, it's usually better to have a panel that opens into the bathroom rather than into the wet room. Doing so allows you to maximise the amount of space you have in the wet room while you're standing in there.

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