Benefits of Incorporating Roller Blinds in Your Rooms

29 April 2021
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It's tricky to choose home window coverings, as they come in so many different materials and styles. For example, you could install curtains, shutters or vertical or Venetian blinds. One excellent option for indoor blinds is roller blinds. Consider the following benefits explained below. Minimal Design If your main priority design-wise is sleek and minimal window coverings, then roller blinds are perfect, as they cover your window with a flat piece of fabric without flourishes. Read More …

Two tips to follow when buying roller blinds for the first time

1 February 2021
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If you're purchasing roller blinds for the first time, you might find these pointers helpful. Consider whether you want the roller blinds' backing to match their front It's worth considering whether you need roller blinds that have a backing that is the same print and colour as their front. Less expensive blinds may have a plain white backing, whilst the two sides of expensive blinds usually match. If the window where you'll be putting the blind faces, for example, if no-one passes by that window very often, then there is no need to splash out on one with a matching back, as no-one will see it. Read More …

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