Your Essential New Home Windows Selection Guide

Choosing the Right Glass for Your Wet Room

22 February 2022
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When you're refitting your bathroom, a wet room is usually a highly desirable feature. One element of your wet room that may take a lot of consideration is the glass. From the way you style it through to the positioning, each factor can make or break the area you shower in. Here's what you may need to consider.  Glass Styling A lot of wet room shower screens benefit from tempered glass. Read More …

Should You Install Double Glazed Windows?

15 October 2021
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Double glazed windows weren't introduced into Australia until the 1990s as a way to insulate houses. Unlike Europe and North America, Australia does not experience cold winters. The major cities rarely experience snow, but they could use protection against heat loss during winter; thus, saving on heating bills. In addition, installing double glazed windows in your home will help reduce UV light that typically causes fading of carpets and furnishings. Read More …

How to Keep Your External Shutters in Perfect Condition

12 July 2021
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Exterior shutters are an ideal way of protecting your windows from the extremes of weather, but they will need a small amount of maintenance if they are to carry out their function correctly. Here are some tips to keep your exterior shutters in top condition. Inspect the shutters Make sure you check the condition of your shutters after any bad storm. Although they will be made to withstand heavy weather conditions, it is always possible that they will suffer damage, and minor problems should be repaired immediately as they are likely to get worse otherwise. Read More …

What You Need to Know About Home Window Tinting

21 May 2021
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Adding tint to your home windows enhances privacy. Many homeowners opt for one-way window films since they allow for privacy and still let in plenty of natural light into the home. The good thing with these tinting films is that you can take your showers with the curtains open without the fear of prying eyes. As you set out shopping, this article will help you learn home window tinting options that are at your disposal as well as the installation process. Read More …

Have You Installed Double Glazed Doors? See Why They Are Critical Features

19 May 2021
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One of the constant problems you have to deal with as a homeowner is your home's energy efficiency. Doors account for a considerable percentage of the heat that your home loses every day. It's, therefore, advisable to install doors that will help you stop heat loss from the house, which lowers your power bills. However, many homeowners have no idea of the types of doors they should invest in to resolve the energy efficiency issue in their home. Read More …

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Your Essential New Home Windows Selection Guide

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